Deformes International Performance Bienal
Museo de arte contemporaneo, Valdivia November 18, 2008

I began by standing with my back to the audience, touching the wall where there was moss/mold growing. In a soft voice I repeated the words espejo, espero (mirror, I wait/I hope). Then I started to pick weeds out of the cracks of the stone floor and arrange them on a sheet. I continued by climbing up to reach some wildflowers growing high up on the wall (at times I had to ask for help from the audience to keep my balance, since I was precariously perched above the edge of the 2nd storey). Some flowers were hard to uproot, and there was a sense of violence. I took a bag of eucalyptus leaves I had gathered and passed them around for people to smell, and poured another bag at my feet, where I moved on them. This led to saying mi madre/mi padre as I gestured to my hand, wrist, shoulder etc. The last part of the performance was writing in the air, against a wall that looked like lines of a page. I then “translated” my action, saying that I had written a letter to my grandmother of 100 years, in case I didn’t get to see her again.

Photographer: Rodrigo Torres