Carried Away

Series of durational performances and installation in collaboration with Jack Stanley, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC
March 10-April 13, 2017

There are two figures in a large empty space: she is the continuous drawer, and he is the decision-maker. They work in silence. She is on a platform with a pile of paper, handmade charcoal, and various drawing instruments. Her task is to draw continuously, but she is periodically interrupted when the decision-maker thinks the drawing is finished. He either carries her away, or takes away the drawing. At that point she can choose to rest or begin with another sheet. And so the cycle resumes. He watches, does "free writing," or moves the platform and lights to create a new scene.

Photos: Alun Macanulty

Materials: handmade charcoal, paper, mobile wooden platform, benches, wool blankets, rope