Since 1995 I have taught art classes in schools, centres, as well as in my studio (for small groups or individuals). I am presently focussing on drawing, but in the past have facilitated workshops on puppetry, bookmaking, painting, sculpture, theatre design… I have taught children, teens, adults, and sometimes a mixture of ages.

With the private drawing workshops, my approach to teaching is personal, close to my own work. I try to extend what I have learned/am learning through my own work to others, and to respond to their individual interests and evolutions. I place emphasis on processes of discovery through personal expression and experimentation with materials. Techniques are incorporated, but not treated as something precious. I believe that becoming a good drawer comes through practice — just like learning to cook or swim or do a crossword puzzle. Why drawing? Because it is so direct, the materials are simple. The process is close to the body (low-tech) and therefore can be very expressive. For children, drawing is a natural activity, but as we grow up we tend to leave drawing behind or become scared of it. I hope to rekindle people's curiosity, and ideally, their sense of freedom.