ZAZ International Festival for Performance Art, Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel
Tveria 15, Haifa, Israel
December 16, 2011 (approximately 20 minutes)

The context was a community centre that houses an art gallery, and a variety of cross-cultural classes and meetings. The site I chose was a reading nook beneath the stairs – an intimate, quiet space slightly hidden from view. The audience was invited to enter the space 1 or 2 people at a time. There I was seated wearing a dress covered in old photos. I had found these pictures of strangers the previous day at a flea market. Beside me was a bottle of water and a handwritten note that read: YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE TO POUR SEAWATER INTO MY EYES. I eventually ended up upside down in the chair, to help the task be performed. To conclude I slowly walked up the stairs backwards, a gesture borrowed from the memory of how people move away from the Western Wall after they have visited.

Materials: seawater in plastic bottle, found photos sewn onto old dress

Photographers: Rachel Echenberg, Yaacov Saban