Dresser la table (Setting the Table)

3e impérial, Granby, Québec, October 15, 2016

This long-duration project developed through repeat visits to Granby each season where I engaged with local people. My research centred around questions related to ageing and creating rituals to mark the passing of time. I began by hosting a birthday party in which I invited strangers to discuss this theme. With each visit other repas-rencontres meals followed, as a platform to continue the conversation. I also invited the participants for intimate performances with one person at a time at a specially-designed table that foregrounded reciprocity. Here, actions were performed in silence using symbolic objects. An integral part of these exchanges was carving faces into apples and posing questions related to mid-life passage. The project concluded with a participatory performance-installation in which different scenes unfolded throughout the 3e impérial building (hallway, studio, stairway, meeting room, kitchen). My video, Lemon Juice and Salt played in the hallway.

Photos: Patrick Beaulieu, Jack Stanley Kyra Revenko, Vida Simon

Materials: wooden tables, apples, lemons, found objects, hairballs, animal fur, sketchbook drawings, photos, video